Why we love what we do


KINTASHA believes in becoming the best African fashion outlet of traditional tribal clothing garments and accessories, by providing you with the most sought after African prints and new fashionable trends. It is our mission to ensure that the customer is at the heart of our shopping experience and leaves our store with a style that is both exclusive and current.
Since opening, our customers have taken full advantage of our exclusive garments, which offers a range of styles from the suave and sophisticated to the more casual look.
African Fashion is a market that evolves quickly. The fashion of the Motherland is an expression of love, warmth, care and empathy. Therefore, we at KINTASHA are keen to share our clothing selection with you. In store you will find African fabrics, Dutch wax, Hollandaise and African prints of the highest quality so, come and visit our store and find a look that is right for you.


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